EPHS track participates in “Lend a Hand Day”

By Track Coach Mike Johnston
The Eagle Point Track Team in conjunction with the Eagle Point Senior Center successfully completed the second annual “Lend a Hand Day”.  EPHS track team members pledged work hours to help out local senior citizens.  Local seniors filled out work request forms at the senior center.  Senior Center president Jerry Zieman coordinated efforts with the high school track coaches.  There is no cost to the seniors. Track team members seek out sponsors for a one time donation.  Jerry had a crew show that haul brush in preparation for burning.  Track team senior hurdler Aaron Foster led that group.  “ It felt to good to work for others as a team.  I was glad we could help out and I know he really appreciated our work.  Oh yeah, they fed us when we finished, cupcakes!” explained Foster.

Senior girls Cassie Boykin and Kaylee Tuttle were part of a group that worked for Suzie Collins.  Cassie said, “ We moved bricks, planted blueberry bushes, ran a leaf blower, pulled weeds, aerated the lawn.  We accomplished a lot!”  Kaylee added, ”It felt good to take care of things that are hard for Suzie to do.”  Cassie continued, “It was fun to sit and talk after we finished.  We all enjoyed spending time together.”

A large group of team members headed for the Eagle Point Community Garden.  For the second year the EPHS Track Team has helped jump start the garden.  As junior Sean Dose said, ”It felt good to be of service”. Trimming bushes and trees, weeding, shoveling manure, turning flower beds, setting pavers, cleaning mulching stations, hauling gravel and bark  were just some of the chores  tackled by the boys and girls of the high school track team. 

Johanna Huerster an exchange student from Dortmund, Germany remarked, “They seemed so appreciative of everything.”As quickly as the students would finish a task they would report to Garden Club members, Sheri Lawson and Jean Buck, to receive additional assignments.  Freshman Bryce Thornton noted, “That with so many of us working we could accomplish things really quickly.”  The kids worked hard until around 5p,m, and then were provided with a pizza feed by the garden club.  Needless to say, the team made short work of that!  The high school track coaches would like to extend a special thanks to mom Shelly Morris for facilitating efforts in Shady Cove.

For the second year the interaction between the student athletes and community members was very positive .  To witness the work, the respect and the laughter between people of all ages in our community is very rewarding.


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