Varsity baseball now 3-7

The 6A division Roseburg High School beat Eagle Point in varsity baseball  on Tuesday April 12 at the EPHS field. After the seventh inning, the score was 2-9 for Roseburg.

Johnnie Wilkerson scored the first run for the Eagles, in the sixth, while the Roseburg pitcher was trying to pick off the runner between first and second base. In the seventh, shortstop Mylen Varner ran home on an error in the Roseburg infield. “These guys don’t quit,” coach Newmann said about the Eagles’ momentum near the end of the game. He also commended Ben Zomerdyk’s pitching even though “the scoreboard doesn’t reflect it.”

When  asked about Roseburg’s success for the evening, Newmann told said they “got timely hits” and “made stuff happen.”

Roseburg had the bases loaded on at least three occasions during the sixth and seventh innings, and throughout the game they seemed to capitalize every time the Eagles slipped. They scored once in the first inning, twice in the third, two more points in the fifth and four runs in the sixth.

The Eagles have  victories over Phoenix and Henley since their game against Ashland, which gives them a current record of three wins and seven losses. Newmann explained his team is a young one, and success cannot be expected overnight. “[We’re] finding our way,” he said. “[The team is] right on the brink of doing some good stuff.”
By Michael Stephens
Of the Independent

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