EPMS students highlight District 9 board meeting

There were positive presentations, several of them, at the May 11 District 9 Board of Directors meeting.

Of particular note were presentations made by Eagle Point Middle School students as well as recognition of two outstanding EPMS students.

And, in addition, the District 9 middle school math teachers were recognized.

Two members of the Junior National Honor Society, Jacob Shelton and this year’s president, Kyna Burke, attended a conference in Portland. Each thanked the board for the opportunity and each talked about a different speaker and the lasting impression the speakers made and how inspired they are as a result.

The Top Cats (EPMS Panthers) students from EPMS were  Kayla Nielsen and Taylor Scott. In making the presentation, EPMS Principal Joni Parsons said Kayla broadcasts the daily announcements in a clear, well understood voice. In addition, she decided to do a power point that scrolls through the daily announcements and is located in the cafeteria. She is on the yearbook staff, is a student aide, member of Brain Bowl, secretary of the Junior Honor Society and participates in several sports.

Taylor currently has the highest math OAK score for the 8th grade at EPMS, he is vice president of the Honor Society, a member of Brain Bowl and designed the Honor Society web page.

All of the District 9 math teachers have been receiving training through a grant that also includes laptops and other equipment for each math classroom. Parsons talked about the personal time they have been giving in addition and how tutoring and answer questions after hours is common. Those recognized included Debbie Brudevold, Dave Carrell, Keith Holcombe, Math coach Amy Isackson, Dick Kendrick, Gerard Marlia and Amber Warren.

Public comment came from Dave Sweem, a Shady Cove Middle School teacher, who expressed concern over athletic budget cuts and the future of the school’s tackle football program. He said Shady Cove is special and their tackle football program is a huge part of who they are. He said there would not be enough students for an intramural program. He also thanked Tiffany Lambert who has been the interim Elk Trail principal.

Rebecca Konefal, Eagle Point Education President said she was speaking on behalf of the 350 employees as she questioned use of educational stability funds.

A presentation was made by Principals Lynn Scott and Lisa Yamashita on Focus Walks. This has been an opportunity for two teams of four to visit every elementary reading classroom in the district. Each team spent a maximum of 10 minutes analyzing on the basis of observing, partially observed, not observed from a predetermined list. Afterwards, both teams met and compared notes. Classroom identity was destroyed so there was no opportunity to pit one group against another.
Board action items approved included:
• approved revisions to graduation requirements, which allows the district to develop a way for English Language Learner students to demonstrate proficiency.
• approved the 2011-12 school calendar, and
• approved adoption of 9-12 math, foreign language and K-12 science curriculum.    
There was first reading on  revisions to the policy dealing with executive sessions and minutes of board meetings. It calls for digital minutes instead of written minutes. They would be made available on the district’s web site. Board member Jim Mannenbach said he thought people would like to see them in writing and felt this method would be disservice to the public. The second reading will be at the next board of directors meeting.

It was announced that Brian Winter has resigned as basketball coach.

The workshop prior to the regular meeting featured a repeat presentation on Oregon’s Comprehensive Framework for Guidance and Counseling. Dr. Mondale presented this as a result of a request from the budget committee to add one middle school counselor to serve the three middle schools.

Mike Remick showed a program being used by the district called PublicSchoolWorks. Basically it allows staff to receive required on-line training of items such as bullying and sexual abuse, among other items 24/7. The system verifies if the student has passed the training, can also remind the staff member that he or she has yet to do the training and keeps the district informed if there are members who have not done the needed training.

Supt. Cynda Rickert also presented an update regarding  on-going administration leadership training.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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