Five to graduate from EPHS and RCC program

The Electronics Department will celebrate a special set of students this year from their high school outreach course (program) offerings.  Five students from Eagle Point High School and two students from Crater High School who have been dual-enrolled in their respective schools will earn either a two-year AAS degree and/or one year certificate in Electronics this year. Gabriela Hernandez, Jeremy Burke, Daniel Taylor, Justin Green, and Jared Styer will be attending their high school graduation at Eagle Point High School on Friday, June 10th and then on Saturday, June 11 graduate with the class of 2011 students at RCC.  Alberto Duran-Espino and Christopher Atkinson graduated from Crater High School last year and returned to the Electronics department will complete their two year degrees and also graduate with these students.

The RCC Foundation provided the complete funding for these students through the Morris Family Foundation. The Morris Foundation dollars support students from rural high schools that wish to attend college career and technical educational programs.  All of the fees, tuition, text books, required equipment, and software is paid for while the students are dual enrolled.  A combination of Morris Foundation dollars and scholarships continue to help support these students after graduation from high school.

These students have been working on completing the requirements for both high school and electronics technology programs by attending classes at the Table Rock Campus five days a week in the morning and then returning to high school to finish their day.  In the last two terms, these dedicated students have been driving back over to take one additional course and work on their capstone projects in Electronics.  Final projects this year include a programmable music -making Boe Bot and a programmable automated lighting system.

Jeremy Burke took time out of his busy schedule to compete in this year’s Skill’s USA competition and won first prize in the Electronics area. Jeremy has been accepted and is planning on attending Oregon Institute of Technology in the fall in Computer Science Engineering.

In order to receive their degree, the students have some classes to complete over the summer. Students are:
Gabriela Hernandez- 15 credits; Jeremy Burke- 19 credits; Jared Styer- 15 credits; Justin Green- 11 credits and
Dan Taylor- 19 credits.


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