Girls skunk titans, mercy rule shortens game

The Mercy Rule in softball states that if one team is ahead of the other by ten points after at least five innings, the game is stopped. On Saturday, May 7, the Eagle Point girls took full advantage of this provision and beat the Hidden Valley Titans in both games of a double-header at the EPHS field. The first game ended after the fifth inning with a score of 11-1. In the fourth inning of the second game, the Eagles had a twelve point lead. Hidden Valley only ran home two in the fifth and the game ended at 13-3. .

McKinzee Parker and Tia Garrett were both pulled up from the JV squad to play Varsity. Parker pitched and Garret played catcher in the second game. Head coach Mark Jolliffe said they “did a good job, both of them.”

In the first game, Shauntel Rodgers pitched five strike-outs in the five times the Eagles were on defense, including three, (out of five batters), in the second inning. The fourth inning began with the scoreboard showing 1-3 and the Eagles did not gain any runs then. But, Eagle Point loaded the bases twice and claimed eight runs in the fifth. Emily Jeffries hit two RBIs in the first game. There was even a show of good sportsmanship. When the Hidden Valley catcher dove after a high foul that she barely missed, an Eagle Point coach and a few in the home crowd complimented her for a “good hustle.”

The second game was an equally dominant performance by the Eagles. In the fourth inning, Eagle Point went on two streaks of three batters getting base hits, broken only by one field out and resulting in three runs. With these latest victories, the Eagles have a record of fifteen wins to eight losses and hold the 3rd place power ranking in the state.

Senior honors were held beforehand for Chloe Hanson, Jennie Fernandes and Shauntel Rodgers. Each was presented with flowers and balloons and they took pictures with their coaches and parents. Hanson plans to study history at Pacific University, Fernandes intends to go to college in Arizona and get a degree in the medical field and Rodgers wants to study early childhood education. All three expressed a desire to continue playing softball.
By Michael Stephens
Of the Independent

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