Piano permanently out of tune

There’s nothing quite like music to sooth ones needs and feelings. At the foundation of musical enjoyment is the piano. The piano is played at weddings, at funerals, at festive events, and as an integral part of endless activities, big and small, important and even those things that are less important.

Those who have recently provided some musical entertainment at the Eagle Point Grange came away asking themselves–were they out of tune or was it the piano that needed tuning?

A certified piano tuner was called in hopes a few dollars would get everyone in tune. Such was not the case. As happens, old age has gotten the best of the piano and it can’t be revived. What will the Grange be without its piano? One of its ways to earn money is to rent the facility and often the use of a piano is an important part of the decision.

Some folks are asking for small tax deductible contributions. As someone said, if 70 people would donate just $10, there would be $700. The Grange doesn’t need a new fancy piano. They need something reliable, that can be tuned.

If someone has a piano to donate or sell at a reasonable price, piano tuner Dave Hanger, would check it out and then if it is donated or purchased, he would tune it once it is moved.

To make a tax deductible donation checks should be written to Eagle Point Grange, and please note “piano” on the check. Mail the check to P.O. Box 252, Eagle Point, OR 97524.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independen


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