Bill on ignition interlock for DUII

The Oregon House  passed HB 3075, which will make roads safer by requiring first time DUII offenders to install an ignition interlock device as a condition of their diversion agreement. Under current state law, only convicted drunk drivers are required to install the devices.  The bill now goes to the Senate.

In order to guarantee first time offenders abide by the new law, HB 3075 mandates that providers of ignition interlocks report to either the courts or diversion program coordinators when a device is installed, uninstalled or tampered with. It also penalizes anyone caught driving without an ignition interlock while on diversion with a Class A traffic violation.

The bill will also increase the fee imposed on DUII offenders to pay for the diversion program from $25 to $50. The new fee revenue goes into the Intoxicated Driver Program Fund to assist indigent offenders in paying for installing the devices and to provide more funding for treatment programs.

“The main reason people drink and drive is because they can,” said Thatcher. “Interlocks stop that from happening by making drivers ‘blow before they go.’” This bill is not about punishment, it’s about changing behavior. Studies show ignition interlocks encourage drunk drivers to drive safe and sober.”

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