Eagle Point reacts to potential loss of jobs

The Rogue Valley came perhaps within hours of losing another 120 full-time and numerous part-time jobs last week.

HB 2212 is a bill that passed both the House and the Senate (and was opposed by our southern Oregon delegation) that would set commission limits, among other items, on floral call centers as well as florists.

Basically, for local florists to avoid rate setting they would have to deal with drop orders placed by out of state purchasers. This would eliminate the call centers and their current way of  doing business.

Quick action by John Carruthers, Floral Source in Eagle Point, and the Medford Call Center to local community leaders has thus far delayed passage of the bill. HB2212 was on the governor’s desk for his signature, but urgent action to our various senators and representatives by floral folks and community members  got the governor to look into the bill more thoroughly.

For more information on this, contact John Carruthers, 541-494-4041 or the governor at http://governor.oregon.gov/Gov/contact.shtml or call Jonathan Bilden, 541-301-4012
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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