EPMS Honor Society students learn true meaning of giving

On Friday, May 27,  a group of EPMS Honor Society students and parents met at the Rogue Valley Hematology and Oncology Center in Medford to deliver Chemo-Care bags.

This community service project was inspired by Matt Ferguson, a junior at Liberty High School in Hillsboro, Oregon.  At a recent leadership conference EPMS honor society students attended, Matt was in charge of the service project for his business, Matt’s Chemo Bags. The bags are fabric totes filled with items like: a fleece handmade blanket, small pillow, hand sanitizer, lotion, lip gloss, tissues, fuzzy socks, stuffed animal, deodorant, magazines, puzzle/game books, journals, pens and pencils, and a scarf.

The ten bags delivered to Oncology on the 27th were products of Matt’s service project and are the first of many that will be coming Oncology’s way.

The students met with Lynn Hobbs, a nurse at the Oncology clinic where they learned about the different types of chemo therapy, the effects of this type of therapy, and how many people are affected by cancer just in the Rogue Valley. According to Mrs. Hobbs, approximately 20 people begin chemo therapy every week!  Matt’s Chemo Bags and the tour of the Oncology center have inspired the EPMS Honor Society students to want to develop and launch their very own Chemo-Care project. Keep in touch for ways that you can become involved in providing a little comfort and a lot of support to local community members and families.

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