Letter to the Editor

Our Deepest Appreciation
To the Editor:
To all our friends and family who showed us so much love and support during the loss of Ron Draper: our dearly missed and beloved husband, daddy, grandad, and great-grandad. Also, a dear friend to many caring and wonderful people.

We give special thanks to our friends Ann and Lee, (owners of Rogue River Lodge) in Trail, for their loving gesture of hosting Ron’s “Celebration of Life”, following his beautiful memorial at Trail Christian Fellowship.

Thanks to our dear “next door neighbors” on the Rogue River, for their help and loving support.

Most important; we thank God! And our Church, Trail Christian Fellowship. Thank you Pastor Rick Booye and Pastor Matt McAuliffe, for the most beautiful memorial we could have ever imagined. And the most beautiful Baptism ever witnessed, in the hospital, before his passing on to eternal life. Your caring love and support throughout this enduring time in our family’s life is far beyond anything we can put into words. And Pastor Jack Bacon of Assembly of God; thank you so very much. We pray you know how much you mean to our family.

In ending; again the Draper Family appreciates all of YOU so much! We could not have endured our loss on this earth, in this life; without your loving support, gifts, and most important; your prayers for Ron and our Family.
God Bless to all,
Love, Betty Draper and Family

So pleased
Dear President Bunny Lincoln,
I hope that you and the citizens of Eagle Point are all healthy.

We would like to celebrate the magnificent history of Eagle Point on its 100th anniversary with you and sincerely express our gratitude for your invitation card on April 5th. I have the approval of the assembly and will make all the necessary arrangements for a formal visit.   

Thank you indeed for inviting us on such an important day that certainly should be commemorated. I am sincerely respectful and will attend with pleasure. I am also greatly looking forward to participating in the parade and the guide of Crater Lake etc.

In Showa Village the hydrangea flower is very beautiful during rainy season. How about in Eagle Point? Agriculture is the main industry in our village. We also have the businesses of Canon Inc., Hitachi and Ajinomoto established here.

The president and anybody in Eagle Point who wishes to come to Showa Village would be most welcome. Hereafter I expect that the amiable exchange between Eagle Point and Showa Village will deepen more and more.

I pray for the continued growth and success of Eagle Point City

Kind Regards,
Hidemitsu Kato, Mayor
Showa Village

Save Our Pool
To the Editor:
Members and friends of Cascade Community Pool, we need your help! Our pool is losing 3 to 4 inches of water daily. Our water and sewer bills are double what they were last year. This year we budgeted $10,000 for capital repairs. But, the replacement of our worn-out pipes will actually cost $19,000.

We have written grants to four foundations asking for funds and have been declined by two so far. We need enough money or in-kind donations to match the grant funds we are requesting. We planned to do several renovation projects, listed below according to priority
Replace the pipes around the pool to correct the water leaks – $19,000
Replace the rusty purlins in the attic above the dehumidifier – $35,000
Paint the inside of the pool – $15,429
Paint the metal areas of the pool building – $19,704

If we cannot get foundation grants, we will not be able to complete the above projects with the exception of replacing the pipes. We must repair the leaks this fall! We will do this in
September when the weather is still warm and the ground water table is low.

We cannot keep this pool open for use in its present condition. It must be repaired! You
can help us by donating whatever you can afford. We’re the Little Pool who says, “I can! I
can!” And we can pay for this renovation with the support of our members and friends.

Let’s save the only public pool in the Upper Rogue!
Alice Orcutt, Cindy Sweet, Barbara Hansen, Juliana Kelsall, Joy Reich
Fund Raising Committee
P.S. You can deduct your donation from your taxes. We will send you a tax-deductible
receipt. Thanks again for your help!

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