Rogue River man saves life

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office would like to take this opportunity to thank and honor a local hero. On Wednesday, June 29, 2011 John Haight, 7-11-56 of Rogue River was cutting his grass with his riding mower when he stepped off to talk to his nephew. Both Haight and the nephew noticed a man who appeared to be swimming in the Rogue River. When Haight turned to look at the swimmer a second time he noticed the man was face down floating down the river. Haight sent his nephew to call 911, while he ran down to his dock to try to retrieve the man floating down the river.


When Haight arrived to the boat dock, the victim, Leonard Wrobel, 1-11-41 of Rogue River had already floated by, so Haight jumped into the Rogue River swimming after Wrobel. Haight noticed Wrobel begin to sink into the water and reached out and grabbed him. Haight then began to swim to shore and pulled Wrobel onto some concrete and started CPR.


Wrobel at this point is not breathing. After five to ten minutes of CPR, Wrobel begins to breathe again. Law enforcement and medical personnel arrived on scene and were able to transport Wrobel to the hospital to be checked out.

According to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office Marine Division, current temperature of the Rogue River was 51 degrees Fahrenheit and is moving much faster and higher than normal.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office would like to honor John Haight. His intervention and heroism was critical in saving the life of Leonard Wrobel.

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