Shady Cove speech program ends after 25 years

May 4 was the final speech tournament for Upper Rogue area speech students, not just for this year, but for the volunteer program.  The 35 participants from Shady Cove Elementary and Shady Cove Middle Schools did a spectacular job performing their individual speeches for all in attendance to enjoy.

Over the past 25 years the students have competed against hundreds of other speech students throughout Jackson County and have received numerous awards. Shady Cove and Elk Trail have always been commended for their outstanding courtesy to others, their sportsmanship, and of course, their talents.

Coaches Sharon Sherva, Bonnie Pech and Latasha Cope  expressed their sincere gratitude to all of the students, past and present, for coming back year after year which in turn has made their job so very pleasurable.

Upper Rogue parents, principals, Ms. Tiffany O’Donnell, and Mrs.Tiffanie Lambert, teachers, staff, and PTO, were given our heartfelt thanks for their continued support and belief in students and coaches. It’s been a long ride, but an incredible journey. It’s one that we will never forget, said Sherva, Pech and Cope.

2011 speech students with the highest total scores are as follows:
Poetry: 1st . Michael Hammond
Duals: 1st . Kiana Sweem & Tianna Alexander, 2nd  Andrew Gimirkin & Michael Hammond, 3rd Tanner Bacon & Dalton James. Finalists: Abbey Alexander & Ashley  Myers, Ethen Crowl & Elyse Crowl.
Serious: 1st  Shelby Weitman,  2nd . Kara Ash,  3rd  Terran  Tyler. Finalists: Miyah Smith & Isaiah Keifer
Children’s Literature: 1st  Ashley Myers,  2nd . Hunter Jarimillo,  3rd  Rhianna Thompson. Finalists: Trista Carney & Bailey Gerke.
Humorous: 1st Abbey Alexander, 2nd . Trayson Weidman,  3rd  Tanner Bacon. Finalists: Jacob Myers &  Kara Ash.

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