Sixth grade track results

Sixth grade girls’ team won three of five meets, while the boys’ team had two wins and three loses.

The leading participants for the girls team were: Short Hurdles- Savannah Bumgardner- 15.1, Brianna Morgan-15.3, Camilla Beal-19.0 seconds. In the 100 meters, Morgan-14.8 Summer Stone-15.8, Bumgardner and Harlee Boykin-18.3, Cora Higgison-18.5.

400 meters- Kirsten Hyland-1.19 minutes, Boykin-1.29; 800 meters- Shelby Carver 3.16 minutes; 200 meters-  Morgan- 32.5 seconds,   Bumgardner-33.6,  Carver-33.6,  Beal-40.8.

Discus- Hyland 39’7″, Long Jump-Morgan 11’1″, Stone- 10’9″, Higgison-8’2″ and High Jump- Carver-3’8″.

For the boys: 3000- Lane Nahss 11.56 minutes (school record) 1500- Robert Shaffer-6.28, Bryce Schatz-6.33; Short Hurdles-Charles Gove-15.0 seconds; 100 meters- Noah Sims-14.98 seconds, Jason Brunelle-15.36, Gus Horton-15.44, Stein Beagle-16.68 and Nick Nelson -16.8; 400 meters- Sims-1.12 minutes; 800 meters- Nahss- 2.47 minutes, Shaffer-3.18,; 200 meters-Brunelle-31.81 seconds, Sims-33.0, Jarod Sams-33.65, Horton-35.0 and Beagle-35.11.

Shot Put- Gove-22’4″, Bret Norman-21’4″, Mason Morgan-17’9″; Discus-Sims-63’2″, Gove-54’1″, Norman-51’6″, Nelson-51′, Morgan-40’10″; Long Jump- Brunelle-11′, Shaffer-9’3″ and High Jump-Nelson-3’11”.

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