District 9 to continue intra-mural sports

The date for the July District 9 Board of Directors meeting was moved from its normal 2nd Wednesday to the 2nd Monday after learning not all board members could attend on the normal meeting date.

Primary items in the workshop included middle school sports, bus depreciation, technology and how a school should be named.

Superintendent Cynda Rickert highlighted the most recent plans reported by Ashland and Medford School Districts regarding middle school sports. It appears both Ashland and Medford will offer middle school sports. Ashland will have support from a parent group. Medford has a no cut policy and will charge $75 per sport. Rickert noted both school districts plan to cut days while Eagle Point has not and does not have that in their plans.  She said District 9 plans to proceed with the intra-mural program for soccer, volleyball, boys and girls basketball and track. Pop Warner football is available for $119. 

Business Manager Scott Whitman presented information regarding bus depreciation. Whitman plans on doing a comprehensive study on transportation. However, until the negotiations are settled, a clear transportation figure may not be available. Right now the district is paying many bus drivers 100 to 125% of their salaries in benefits. This is a concern, noted Whitman.

The regular board meeting began with finger pointing and allegations about the May election stemming back to Nov. 2010.

Scott Grissom was reelected as chair of the board with Jim Mannenbach abstaining. Ted Dole was elected vice chair, with Mannenbach voting no.

There were 14 housekeeping motions on the agenda, always a part of the annual organizational meeting. Resolution 12 concerning the Upper Rogue Independent as newspaper of record was removed by Mannenbach to discuss it as a separate issue. On a 4-1 vote, with Mannenbach voting no, the newspaper will continue to be the newspaper of record.
By Nancy Leonard
OF the Independent


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