Eagle Point approves budget, answers sign question

Has a decision been made regarding the offer to assist in the cost of the time capsule? This was a question asked by Sandra Erskine, Eagle Point PremierWest manager at the June 28 city council meeting.

The second items under public comment came from Jerry Zieman regarding the “Support Our Troops” sign at The Butcher Shop.

In answer to Erskine’s question, Councilor Alan Curriston said the economic committee had discussed several option to give sponsor recognition and that economic development would make a decision July 11 and it would be before the city council on July 12.

Erskine said her concern was that the funds were corporate marketing funds and not actually designated for Eagle Point.

Zeiman questioned a recent issue with a sign at The Butcher Shop. He said there were 200 people ready to support the sign after hearing that it had to come down.

City administrator Dave Hussell said city employees found the sign on city right-of-way, not on The Butcher Shop property. “The city doesn’t regulate sign content, (this was) an issue of location,” said Hussell. “Somebody was stirring the pot, find it unfortunate, somebody was really interested in stirring the pot,” said Hussell.

Hussell said the city communicated with The Butcher Shop and it is understood that they will take the signs down from their  current location after the 4th.

Curriston backed up a statement made by Hussell regarding the great sense of patriotism exhibited throughout Eagle Point, from the banner over Main Street, to Avenue of the Flags, to the memorials by the covered bridge and the two patriotic commemorative walls in the Ashpole center. “It would have been nice to say the city support patriotism,” noted Curriston. 

During the regular business portion of the meeting, nine resolutions were passed. One of those included adopting the budget in the amount of $13,598,119.  Included were five supplemental budget requests previously approved.  They are:
• Temporary help
• New police car – two of the city’s cars are  2006 and 2007 vintage with over 100,000 miles. The new vehicle will be a Dodge Charger with a v-6 engine, completely equipped for police use.
• $12,000 from the General Fund for the senior nutrition program (Food & Friends) that provides food for elderly shut-ins and supplies the food at the senior center.
• One time request to the Eagle Point Community association for $1,000 for the Centennial Fireworks.
• Public works full-sized pickup.

Mayor Bob Russell announced that Bill Fierke and Alan Curriston will serve on a committee to begin drawing up guidelines for a new city administrator. Dave Hussell announced several months ago that he would be retiring April 1, 2012.
Staff announcements include:
• City’s new website should be live on Aug. 19
`    • Mystery clue game contest attracted 10 children the first week.
• Some issues with homes and pressure reducing valves as the “new” reservoir goes on line July 18
• City now has all the Channel 15 equipment from the high school and is working with SOESD to develop programs.
• A committee of four board members of the Eagle Point/Upper Rogue Chamber of Commerce has done a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis from a business viewpoint, The Eagle Point Economic Development Commission is expected to begin working on it for the city and then both groups hope to work together on future planning. 
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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