Voluntary boat inspections

Boaters headed to Oregon waterways may be asked to stop to have their motorboat or paddlecraft inspected in an effort to keep Oregon’s waters healthy and free of invasive species. Inspection stations are operated by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at highway rest stops and at boat ramps across the state. Inspection teams are based in La Grande, Madras, Clackamas and Central Point.

Travelers are asked to look for “Boat Inspection Ahead” signs and be prepared to pull off at the rest area. Inspections will be done Wednesday through Saturday and usually take about 10 minutes if boats are free of invasive species. If a boat is found to be contaminated with aquatic invaders, it will be cleaned by a mobile decontamination team.

By voluntarily stopping for boat inspections, a boater is not subject to penalties or fines associated with transporting aquatic invasive species.

Stopping the spread of invasive species—quagga and zebra freshwater mussels; water-borne diseases and viruses; New Zealand mudsnails; and aquatic plants such as Eurasian watermilfoil—is critical to the health of Oregon’s waters and economy. Invasive species are identified in the Oregon Conservation Strategy as one of the biggest threats to the state’s native fish, wildlife and habitats.

The boat inspection stations are part of the Oregon Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program run by ODFW and OMB. The program is funded by the sale of Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention permits which were established by the 2009 State Legislature. For more information, visit the Oregon Marine Board or ODFW websites: www.boatoregon.com, www.dfw.state.or.us.

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