Walden visited EP, listened to business leaders

Congressman Greg Walden was in Eagle Point on July 9. After a tour of Butte Creek Mill and greeting Saturday Market vendors, he met with 16 Eagle Point business  leaders and members of the Chamber of Commerce.

In answer to a question about the amount of  aid given by the United States for foreign disasters while the need continues to go unmet at home, Walden said the U.S. gives 65 percent of all aid given while the U.S. gets 42-47 cents per dollar back.

Walden said the House favors reducing the budget. He believes there should be a two-year budget with a zero base starting point. Walden also feels there are far too many regulations. He would like to see a “pause on regulations.”

In discussion regarding the recently passed health plan, one business person said their business would be better off to give each employee $500 a month, and do away with insurance. Even by paying the additional money and a $795 fine, the business would be way ahead financially. That concept was shared by more than one business at the session.

The status of the real estate market and foreclosures was discussed. While it was generally agreed that the stimulus money did little good in creating jobs, it was thought to have been beneficial in the housing market. “The $8,000 tax credit was a huge help,” said Mike Malepsy, of Windermere Trails End Real Estate. He noted it could be a real help in home sales if that incentive could be brought back.

The amount of paper work and the detailed communication is a burden to the prospective homebuyer, the real estate agent and to the lender, noted those at the gathering.

Walden urged people to let their senators and representatives know what they support and do not support. It was pointed out that at both the state and federal level, a ground swell does make a difference.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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