Welcome Ethan home

Ethan is coming home and his family wants to make it the most over the top homecoming ever! We are wanting there to be a HUGE greeting of the community/supporters at the airport when they arrive at 8:20pm this Wednesday, July 20.  Elvis will be there, they are trying to get a monster truck to drive him home and we are also looking for any other over the top things that we can do to show him how much we love him!


We also want to hang cards and signs up all over their house on Wed. Please take some time and fill out a card or make a sign; if you can get it to me, I will make sure it gets in the house, you can leave it on my front doorstep or you can leave it on Kim and Chris’s front doorstep if that is easier for you. I think we plan to do this on Wed before they get home so the sooner the better!


Please spread the word.Thank you for your time and support, I know Kim and Chris appreciate their community!!! Now more than ever!!!
Wendy Gorman

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