Chamber of Commerce weather in So. Ore.

The thunderstorm on Wednesday, Aug. 24 started nine or so small fires with some 1250 lightning strikes. They were all extremely small and quickly extinguished.

As of Aug. 27, Medford has yet to reach 100 degrees in 2011. This is only the fourth time since weather records have been kept that this has occurred.

This chamber of commerce weather should surely be an attraction to much of the rest of the country where some of the records are also being broken, at the other extreme. More than one area has seen 40 or days over 100 degrees, not to mention very high humidity.

And as we go press. Hurricane Irene is about to make her presence very well known on the east coast.

One other quirk in this year’s weather comes via earthquakes. Colorado had a rare earthquake just a couple of hours before the much publicized 5.8 quake rattle much of the eastern part of the country. Again, a rare occurrence. But there have been many of those this year.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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