EP City Council talks about communication

Communication, especially when a change in council policies, rules and regulations are scheduled for change is especially important. While the letter of laws was followed in a new policy to inform liquor license laws and a small new fee for a city staff to gather evidence for current renewal and new liquor license requests is required by OLCC- the city has not charged an alcohol fee. They are as follows.

• New applicants $100
• Change of ownership or location $50
• Temporary license $50
• Annual renewal $50
• Special event $25


The city council agenda which gets printed weekly on the day of the council meeting but its deliberation is brief and often those who might be affected may not read the paper immediately. While it is an expectation people will stay informed the same applies to the group anticipating change.

Two changes that might be considered will be to publish highlights of public hearings one week ahead of hearings, with the rest of agenda and include a listing of policies without details, or provide Upper Rogue Independent with copy of information  on public hearings  a week ahead and continue status quo on agenda.

Approval was given for the 3rd annual clothing swap at the Ashpole Center, Aug. 19-20. Clothing donations may be made Friday 3 to 6p.m. you will receive a ticket based on the number of clothes donated, bring back your ticket on Saturday 3 to 6 p.m. to receive clothing for yourself and/or family members. It is an entirely free program. Started by Ellen Radcliffe who has graduated and attending college. Kenzie McKillip will be charge this year. For information call Kenzie at 541-890-9292.

Water shut off
Since October 2010 notices have been sent to over 500 residences in the golf course area regarding availability to provide new water pressure from the new water reservoir. The system cannot be turned on until all residences install a pressure reducing valve (PRV).  The time has come to get all residence on duty. The city shall post one more 7 day notice to disconnect those homes that do not yet have the RRV in place before they disconnect their water, the water service will be reconnected only after the PRV has been properly intalled to the residence. Water with higher pressure will flow when the the new reservoir is filled within the next couple of weeks. For information call Robert Miller 541-826-4212 ext. 105.

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