Five generations get together

{gallery}08_30_11/generations{/gallery} Pat Zimmerlee’s annual family reunion this year, gathered together 5 generations. 1st generation Tom and Maxine of Roseburg,; 2nd generation Pat Zimmerlee, of Eagle Point,; 3rd generation Shelly Cowan of Klamath Falls; 4th generation Zack Cowan of Medford, and the brand new 5th generation Van John Cowan of Medford, only 3 weeks old.
L. to r.- Hannah Ross (mom), Zak Cowan, dad (grandson), Pat Zimmerlee (great-grandson), Shelly Cowan (grandma), George Cowan (grandpa), Tom Zomerdyk (great- great- grandpa), Maxine Zomerdyk (great-great- grandma), and Van John (3 weeks old).

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