SC Water taking a second look at several option for water plan

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” William A. Foster. Though the Shady Cove Water Plan Task Force made the key choice of recommending which citywide water system option the city should pursue; they still find themselves in that place of considering many alternatives in the hopes of achieving a quality result.

Their Aug. 8th meeting found them discussing several options they and council had been assigned to follow up on: deadlines, financing options, pricing options, storage tank location options, and even the option for folks to opt out altogether.


First up; the force set an “end of August” deadline for deciding if Option II (purchase and build out of Shady Cove Water Works) truly was the option of choice. Recall, when making the recommendation the force had several “points of consideration” regarding that option – negative findings on any one of those points would be deal breakers and would send the city back down the Option I (build from scratch) path.


Mayor Ron Holthusen and Administrator Danise Brakeman attended a workshop given by the Infrastructure Finance Authority where they met with Becky Bryan regarding possible financing options. Per the Mayor, Bryant was encouraging and a follow up meeting was scheduled for Aug. 2nd to discuss options such as: combining loans, interest rates, grants etc.

Price options for the purchase of Shady Cove Water Works don’t look as optimistic for now. Council contacted CPM (realtor for SCWW) regarding the possibility of negotiating a lower purchase price and received a written reply that they are holding firm on the 2.5 million mark. The letter advised they feel they can substantiate that value.

Holthusen also had an initial meeting with the school’s Maintenance Manager regarding the possibility of placing a water holding tank on school property. The meeting was optimistic and council will have a follow up meeting with the School Board.

Lastly, in the core vein of trying to find any options voters will support the force will be looking into an “opt out” option. Force member Paula Trudeau advised she believes when Gold Beach installed their citywide system folks with well working wells had the option not to hook into the system right away – but if they choose a later hookup they will pay a set (and pretty steep) fee. Trudeau will contact Gold Beach city staff to verify they went this route and if they did try to get details as to how the managed it.

The force will continue to meet “as needed” to follow up and weed through their many alternatives on their chosen option – though with the deadline just a few weeks away “as needed” will surely be “frequently”.

By Christy Pitto
Of The Independent

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