SOHS to visit Lake Creek, discuss history and changes

SOHS invites you to participate in a Community Forum during the Community Potluck at the Lake Creek Historical Society on Tuesday, Sept. 20,  at 5:30 p.m. at the Lake Creek Historical Society, 1739 So .Fork Little Butte Creek Road.

What do you feel are the most pressing and preoccupying changes that Lake Creek faces today?  How far back into the community’s roots do these issues reach? 

Join your neighbors and SOHS for a public forum and workshop to explore these changes.  The results of this discussion will form the basis of a community exhibit designed by and for the people of Lake Creek.  History: Made by You is a program developed by SOHS designed to involve the community in traveling exhibits.  Come be part of the fun while sharing your insights and exchanging ideas.  Don’t forget to bring a dish!

This stimulating workshop will begin with an engaging discussion of current concerns to identify relevant exhibit topics.  Experienced exhibit planner, Alice Parman, will lead the group through the process of discovering the history behind the issues and identifying community resources that can help develop a meaningful exhibit.

While this forum will focus on topics relating to Lake Creek, everyone is welcome to attend.


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