911 lesson forgotten

911 .It is the number you call in an emergency. And it was the date 10 years ago this coming Sunday that changed America.

911 was an emergency within the borders of this country the likes of which none of us had ever experienced. We lost some 3,000 of our fellow citizens with the crashing of four airplanes.

The loss made us fearful, angry, scared and ready to do battle. On the other hand, it brought us together as we prepared to move ahead. Hard as it was (and sometimes is) we knew we could move ahead. We are Americans and proud of it. Those days and weeks following 911 showed us we would not be defeated.

Ten years have come and gone. A new World Trade Center is being built. Fireman who were at the center of the disaster have been told they do not qualify for medical help. There are new agencies such as Homeland security, all a result of 911.

Today we seem to have forgotten the unity we had as a result of 911. Today we find it so easy to place blame, whether it is in congress or in the classroom.

Perhaps this week it would be appropriate to do a little self evaluation and to look at ways to be more cohesive, to work toward becoming one We can have differences, but be respectful as we differ.

To differ just to be obstinate or to prove a point may be self-serving but that does not mean it is in the best interest of the greatest number.

As we look and think about the upcoming 10th anniversary of 911, many of us do so with a bit of concern. Will there be a repeat performance in this country or somewhere in the world? While those thoughts surely do surface, we must remember our strengths, our heritage, our fortitude and, above all, remember we are Americans and proud of it. Let us focus as one not divided as look to the future.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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