Camp host awarded Good Samaritan Award for saving life of camper


Jim Baird, camp host at Farewell Bend Campground recieved a Good Samaritan Award from Fire District No. 4 for his quick actions that saved the life of a young camper on July 30, 2011.

TJ White was camping with his family when he accidently stabbed himself with a large pocket knife. The cut when through arteries and muscles in his thigh.

Baird held the wound closed to control bleeding for the better part of an hour while emergency medical help could respond. Because of Baird’s calm exterior family members were helped to stay calm throughout the traumatic incident.

Baird received his 1st aid training through Fire District 4’s trainer Lisa Mendenhall. Mendenhall was happy to see that someone she has helped to teach was able to respond when necessary.

Baird also had first aid skills from his days in the US Navy.

Mendenhall said this is only the second Good Samaritan Award she has had the honor of giving.

White thanked Baird again for being there to help him when he needed it. White was in surgery for over two hours to repair arteries, tendons and the muscles in his leg.

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