Cascade Pool to re-open Oct. 3 after major overhaul completed

The Cascade Community Pool built in the early sixties is completing a renovation project necessitated by a large loss of water each day for the past year. The loss was traced to the wearing of the copper pipes when last September water flowed up to the deck from a worn pipe which was replaced. The loss of water was not diminished with the repair so it was determined that the entire piping system around the pool was old and worn.

The pool closed Labor Day weekend and the concrete around the pool was removed by Cut ‘N Break Construction, Inc.  Lonny Harris of Pool & Spa Repair Service was the general contractor on the project.  The Eagle Point School District who owns the pool agreed to provide the labor to remove and replace the dirt from the trench.

When it was discovered the underwater lights had to be replaced which involved considerable electric work, the school district provided the electrician to bring the building up to the current electric codes.

Originally it was thought the skimmers could possibly be used again, but that was not viable once the trench was dug; so new skimmers were installed. 

Several years ago the federal government passed the Virginia Graham-Baker law that requires all pools and spas to modify their drains so that people cannot become entrapped.  One of the options was to block the drain, which the Cascade Community Pool did at the time.  Chad Petersen, Jackson County Environmental Health, suggested  now would be a good time to install two drains in the pool since one main drain is no longer legal and the blocked drain is not the ideal way to remedy the problem. The two main drains are being completed by Dennis Acevedo, Southern Oregon Pool Plasterers, as this story is written.

In order to put off plastering the pool to the future when the funds are available Corey Robbins Painting Company will only repaint the lane lines.  If the paint dries as it should; the pool will be ready for water and can reopen on Oct. 3 as scheduled.   

The pool cleaning crew is  busy clearing the debris, doing some touch-up painting, and readying the pool building for the Oct. 3 reopening.  This project was funded with money donated by many members and friends of the pool and the money budgeted in the Capital Improvement category of the pool budget since all grant requests were turned down. 

The Board Funding Committee has several events planned to replace the money in the capital fund.  The first event is a Spaghetti Dinner planned for October 15th at the Eagle Point Grange Hall from 5 to 7 p.m..  Tickets are $12 for adults, $6 for children 10 and under; table of eight is $80. There will be a silent auction from 5-6:30 p.m. and a live auction from 6-7 p.m. Tickets will be available at the door or call 541-826-2124 to reserve your space.
By Joy Reich
Manager, Cascade Pool


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