Eagle Point trounces Marshfield Pirates

Eagle Point High School’s homecoming football game was held at the Eagle Point stadium on Friday, September 23rd. The entire varsity team and coaches arrived in spectacular fashion, riding in the backs of four military trucks and two Humvees driven by members of the armed forces dressed in camouflage fatigues. The Eagles carried on to beat the Pirates from Marshfield High School by a broad margin of 47-15.

This was the first game of the season to see quarterback/linebacker Daniel Morgan back on the field after spending some time on the injured list. Morgan did some good things in the QB position, but head coach Jacob Schauffler spoke most proudly about his defensive capabilities. “Defensively, he’s a difference-maker,” Schauffler said. On a blitz early in the 3rd quarter, Morgan single-handedly sacked the Marshfield quarterback for a seven yard loss which contributed to a quick turnover on downs.

Marshfield simply could not keep pace with Eagle Point’s scoring. Garrett Snow ran in 4 touchdowns for Eagle Point. Eagle TDs were also scored by Loren Nesberg, Daniel Morgan and Donald Everett.

Everett’s touchdown, near the end of the fourth quarter, was the most exciting to watch. Upon receiving the handoff from James Dixon, Everett broke through the line and ran to the end zone from the opposing 30 yard line, (80 yards!). Coach Schauffler explained that, as a sophomore, this was Everett’s longest touchdown run so far and described it as a “big play for him.”

During halftime, the Eagle Point princesses from all four classes rode out in corvettes to take pictures and celebrate their respective honors. Senior Amanda Kady was crowned the Homecoming Queen for this year.

The Eagles are on the road for their next two games against Marist High School on September 30th, and Springfield High School on October 7th. Fans will have to wait until Thursday, October 13th for Eagle Point’s next home game.
By Michael Stephens
for the Independent

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