Eagles drop opener to tough opponent

Head Coach Jacob Schauffler previously listed the Mountain View Cougars as among the toughest competition for his varsity football team this year. At the EPHS stadium, on Friday, September 2nd the Cougars proved this to be an accurate assessment. Despite the strong defense played by Kyle Zerger and Johnny Wilkerson, the Eagles suffered a near shutout loss. The game ended with a final score of 6-56 in Mountain View’s favor.

“They were on a different level than we were tonight.” Schauffler said of the Cougars.

The Eagles found their greatest success of the evening with their running game. Johnny Wilkerson had the best rushing average for the Eagles, 14 yards in 3 attempts. On top of that, quarterback Garrett Snow rushed for 59 yards throughout the game.

That, however, points to a low spot in the Eagles’s offense. All night long, EP quarterbacks had trouble finding their receivers on passing plays, and Snow collected much of his yardage after facing pressure in the pocket.

Penalties also cost the Eagles too many yards. With five altogether and four in the fourth quarter alone, the words “against Eagle Point” over the loudspeaker became painful to hear. The Cougars actually lost 44 yards, (14 more than the Eagles did), due to penalties called against Mountain View. Still, coach Schauffler described this area of the Eagles’s performance as “something we will correct.”

Two highlights for the Eagles belong to Kyle Zerger. In a display of athleticism, Zerger tackled one receiver out of the air, folding the unfortunate Cougar over himself upon impact with the turf. This happened about mid-way through the first quarter, shortly after Zerger scored Eagle Point’s only touchdown.

Please come out to support the Eagles when they play their next home game against Churchill High School on Friday September 9th at 7 p.m.
By Michael Stephens
For the Independent


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