EPHS defeats 6A So. Medford in Vball

The Eagle Point varsity women’s volleyball team was once again cheered by a dense flock of student supporters for the entire length of their game against the South Medford Panthers. At their home court on Thursday September 15th, the Eagles claimed a decisive victory over the Panthers, winning 3 sets to 1 with scores of 25-17, 25-18, 13-25, 25-15.

Head coach Beth Bilden previously highlighted blocking as an area where her team needed some work. The extra practice clearly paid off, as this game saw the Eagles playing strong defense at the net. Amanda Kady had 6 blocks and 6 kills, while Jenna Richardson put up 7 blocks and 15 digs. Leading the pack was Christine McCready with 8 blocks and 32 digs during the game. “We accomplished our goal of improving our blocks and playing as a unit,” Bilden said. Also deserving of special mention are Whitney Barber’s 11 kills, Erica Wood’s 16 digs and Carolina Regalado’s 23 assists.

Eagle Point dominated the first two sets. Except for one occasion, they kept their service runs even with or longer than those of South Medford. The Eagles relaxed a bit too much in the third set, allowing the Panthers a 5 point run and an early 1-8 lead. By the time they noticed the heightened intensity of the Panthers, it was too late for them to recover. But, the Eagles went back to business in the fourth set and put together a 5 point run, and two four point runs, to win by a wide margin.

With this latest triumph, as well as beating Ashland High School last Tuesday, Eagle Point varsity volleyball now has an overall record of 5 wins and 2 losses. Coach Bilden said “I’m very proud of this team.”

The Eagles go to Grants Pass High School for their next game on Tuesday the 20th. Their next home game will be against North Medford on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 7p.m.
By Michael Stephens
for the Independent

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