So. Shasta path contract, Carl’s Jr. On EP agenda

Several citizens stepped forward at the Eagle Point Sept. 13 city council meeting with requests from the city.

Bob Pinnell asked the council to approve an advertisement in 101 Things to Do. He specifically asked the city to pay half the cost of a full page advertisement and said he would go to businesses for the other half. Last year the city was a participant in promoting the Centennial in the publication.

According to Pinnell, the discounted cost for a full page is $2,397. The regular price is over $4,000. Pinnell said he talked to five businesses, which he did not identify, but said it was their best form of advertising. Pinnell said he would work with businesses to design the ad.
The council said they would put the item on the Sept. 27 agenda.

Ellen Gray, of ACCESS, asked the council to waive the fee for the Ashpole Center for an informational session for senior citizens and those with disabilities to be held Nov. 16 and Dec. 13. Again, this will appear on the Sept. 27 agenda.

Margy Nickelson, on behalf of the Eagle Point Senior Center, asked to have a flier inserted in the city’s water bill. The center is seeking donations to purchase paint. They have bids for labor.

City staff and council explained there would be costs involved on the part of the city and that this could set a precedent whereby many could ask for the same service. Pinnell suggested she consider the Eagle Point/Upper Rogue Chamber flyer project, wherein if there are enough participants 500 or 1,000 flyers can be distributed to community members. The water bill is sent to about 3200 addresses. This item will not appear on the Sept. 27 agenda.

Sharon Coupe addressed her interest and concerns regarding regional problem solving.

A number of resolutions were passed, including:
• Approval of Robert Bluth for city attorney if the current city attorney has a conflict of interest.
• Approval of a transportation and traffic agreement with DKS Associates for on-call service.
• Approval of So. Shasta multi-use path contract.  This is a revised contract reducing the path to 8 ft. in Other changes include relocating fences, reduction in curb and gutter, and having public works complete striping/signs, mailboxes to be moved by others. These changes were necessitated because of the original bid. The original low bid was $575,549. The engineer’s estimate was $447,357.25. The revised project is $453,321.70 . A contract to Bob LaDuke was approved.

The council voted to pay air fair (which on Sept. 13 was $1028.80 round trip for Mayor Bob Russell and councilor Kathy Sell to attend the 50 year celebration of sister city, Showa, Japan. They will leave Sept. 30 and return Oct. 6. Others going at their own expense will be Bob Russell’s wife, councilor Bill Fierke and his wife, John and Ellen Payne and Dennis Quiring. Paynes and Quirings have been involved with the exchange program since its inception.

Russell and Sell were originally scheduled to attend a statewide meeting in Bend during that time period. The cost for registration, motel, transportation and meals came to just a few cents different for that meeting  than the air fair to Showa. The council also agreed to spend up to $400 for gifts for Showa officials.

Following an executive session, the council agreed to have the city attorney negotiate the best possible agreement with Carl’s  Jr. Some months ago Carl’s Jr. expressed interest in a location on property on Linn Rd. basically behind PremierWest Bank.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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