Check road dots, green is good during high country hunts

With the arrival of hunting season, seasonal road restrictions in the Upper Rogue Cooperative Travel Management Area will be in effect starting on Oct. 12 and extending through Oct. 21, 2011. The management area includes portions of the High Cascade Ranger District of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

All motorized travel on roads, trails and cross-country is prohibited within the Travel Management boundary with the exception of those roads posted with a green dot, which will remain open to motorized travel. Adjacent areas within 300 feet (or less) of a green-dot road are also open for parking or camping, with the exception of the Big Butte Springs Watershed area.

The period of restriction occurs annually starting three days prior to the opening of general Cascade elk season through the end of general Cascade elk season. The purpose of having this restriction in place is to promote quality hunting, minimize potential harassment of wildlife, maintain adequate bull elk escapement and provide protection for soils and wildlife habitat.

The seasonal restriction is a cooperative venture between the US Forest Service and the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife that started in 1985. Participating agencies ask for hunters’ and other forest recreationists, help in maintaining high ethical standards during elk season by following these simple rules: Drive only on designated Green Dot roads
·Use the violation report form on the Green Dot map to report vehicles driving on closed roads
.Do not camp or park near livestock corrals or block access to Green Dot roads

Occasionally, it is necessary for Forest Service personnel and contractors to access work areas on non-Green Dot roads. Please respect their presence and the job they are required to do.  Forest Service personnel and contractor must have a waiver posted on the dashboard of their vehicle if they are driving on a road that is not marked by a Green Dot.

During the restricted period from Oct. 12-21, , Off Highway Vehicles (OHV’s) are not allowed on the northern portion of the High Cascades Ranger District (north of the Middle Fork Rogue River) including the Prospect OHV system and the Woodruff Play Area. OHV’s are allowed only on Green Dot roads between Middle Fork Rogue River (Butte Falls area) and Oregon State Highway 140. The remaining part of the ranger district south of Hwy 140 is not part of the Green Dot program.

Green Dot maps are available at the Prospect, 47201 Hwy. 62,  and Butte Falls, 730 Laurel Ave.,  stations of the High Cascades Ranger District, the Medford Interagency Office, 3040 Biddle Road. and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Office, 1495 E. Gregory Rd., . Office hours are Monday-Friday between 8 am and 4:30 pm; ODFW office is open Monday-Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.

On weekends when offices are closed, visitors can find maps at the yellow information boards at the main access points of the Upper Rogue Management Area. Additional information on the Upper Rogue and other seasonal restrictions can be found starting on page 96 of the 2011 Oregon Big Game Regulations.

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