Eagles impress over Ashland Grizzlies

Eagle Point’s varsity football team played their last game of the regular season at the EPHS field on Friday, Oct. 21. After four quarters of hard-nosed football, the Eagles beat the Ashland High School Grizzlies by 20-14.

Head coach Jacob Schauffler explained why the score in particular was impressive. Until this point, Ashland had typically scored around 50 points per game, (with the exceptions of their shutout loss to Marist and their win over Churchill). Next to Marist, Eagle Point held Ashland to their lowest score for a game this season.

Without a doubt, the Eagles’ success was due to coach Schauffler’s “physical game plan.” Garrett Snow, Kyle Zerger and Caleb Ash all caught interceptions. Several would-be completions were knocked away from Ashland receivers, most notably by Jesse Sattler in the first quarter and Caleb Ash at the end of the fourth quarter. Also in the first quarter, Tyrone Holmes sacked the Grizzlies’ QB hard enough to draw an audible reaction from the Eagle Point crowd.

“We wanted to make it a physical game,” Schauffler said. “We wanted to run right at them.”

The Eagles’ running game was close to unstoppable. Out of the team’s total 188 rushing yards, Jakob Combs ran for 99 yards in 31 attempts and Garrett Snow ran 77 yards in 14 attempts. These two charged up the middle all evening long. Snow ran to the end zone twice in the second quarter. The other Eagle touchdown came from Caleb Ash, when he returned the first kickoff of the third quarter from almost the entire length of the field.

The Grizzlies put up one touchdown in the third quarter and another in the fourth.

Coach Schauffler spoke highly of his team for making “key plays when we needed them,” and expressed satisfaction with the Eagles’ season as a whole so far. Eagle Point has a bye for the first round of the playoffs. Rankings and placement should be determined within the next two weeks.
By Michael Stephens
For the Independent

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