LDS church service project in Eagle Point

{gallery}10_18_11/LDS{/gallery} Like a whirlwind, as part of a worldwide day of service members of the Eagle Point LDS church set out to make a difference. At 8am on Sat. October 15, 110 members under the supervision of Bishops Jared Hill (EP Ward) and Dan Jones (WC Ward) worked in Eagle Point for four hours.

They cleared weed and blackberries from along the banks of Little Butte Creek between the two bridges crossing the creek and on up the creek behind the museum. They also painted 60-80 fire hydrants around Eagle Point. They worked like a well oiled machine, and it was amazing to watch.Not only did men, women and children show up ready to work, but they brought with them hand tools, power tools and big equipment. When the job seemed too big for what they had they simply went and got bigger equipment. By the time they got done they had brought it a large brush hog and a back-hoe.  Half a dozen groups set out to paint fire hydrants bright yellow. This was a job whole families could do together and that was the goal of the workers, to be able to work together.
This group has been doing service projects around the county for a number of years but now would like to concentrate more on the communities in which they live. This is one way they can give back to the town they love.

Next year the group hopes other churches and groups of all kinds will join with them on this day of service.  They feel this could be a great way for many to come together and really get some good work accomplished. If what they already did is any example it could be unlimited what could happen in just 4 hours one day a year. If your group would like to learn more about how to be a part of this community event call Jared Hill at 541-840-1167 or Dan  Jones at 541-890-7337. Starting to plan now for next year could mean a big difference for Eagle Point.
By Kathy Sell
of the Independent

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