Way to go

The recent couple of weeks have been noteworthy for Eagle Point High School. While some of us well remember good, successful days at EPHS (despite the fact that some don’t believe that), some of us well remember down days as well.

But today it is up, up and up for the students and faculty.

First we took note of the grade point averages this year for athletics. While only one team, football, made it into the Top 10 for 5A schools, be sure to look at all the averages in the article  from the Dairy Farmers awards. You will see volleyball, boys and girls cross-country, all with team grade point averages above 3.0.

It has been some time since we have had much positive news from volleyball or football, but just look at what happened this week. Volleyball can’t recall when they have had such a successful season and Friday night Eagle Point defeated Ashland, paving the way for playoffs. Remember, volleyball travels to Ashland Thursday night to determine league status. 

Football Coach Schauffler remembers the good days in football at EPHS, he was part of it. Now he is using some of that “we can do it, we are somebody” attitude as coach.

We previously commented on the recent state testing. Again, EPHS made good news as only EPHS and Ashland as large schools were found to have “Outstanding:”scores.

This is all good news. Now the challenge comes in continuing with the up, up, up program. “We can do it.”

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