Accident puts UR woman in Portland trauma center

Family and friends are rallying around Kathy Love and her husband, Ted Baumer following critical injuries Kathy suffered in a motorcycle accident on Oct. 16.

Kathy and Ted, each on their own bike, were part of a group heading back following from a trip to the coast. Kathy apparently was turning on the bike when the engine guard caught a railing and through her across two lines and into a rock wall.

Her EMT  background saved her life. Ted was a couple of bikes behind her. As soon as he got to her she told him to lay her flat and keep pressure on her leg or else she might bleed out. They were 45 minutes from an ambulance, half way between Crescent city and Cave Junction. The ambulance took her to Crescent City and then she was airlifted to Emanuel Legacy Trauma Center in Portland.

Since Oct. 16 she has had at least seven surgeries, one lasted 11 hours. Both lungs filled with fluid, her knee was one of the worst injuries the doctor had seen and her foot was near completely torn off.

Ted is self-employed and has no insurance. Kathy’s hours had been reduced and she no longer has insurance. One can only imagine the cost they will face. Donations may be made at any Rogue Federal. Cards may be addressed to Kathy Love, Legacy Emanuel, Rm 1516, 2801 N.Gantenbeir, Portland, OR 97227. There is a blog as well with daily updates. It is

Ted has four sons, Christopher, a Marine serving in Afghanistan, Parrish,  Gage, well known former EPHS graduate and top wrestler when he was in high school and Thane, who is a student at EPHS; and a daughter, Destiny. 
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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