Celebration will mark end of WC Urban Renewal

Through vision, commitment, community partnerships and hard work, the Jackson County Urban Renewal Agency is coming to a close two years ahead of schedule. The public is invited to join on Thursday, Dec. 1, to celebrate the “sunset” of the Jackson County Urban Renewal Agency and dedication of the White City Community Park, which is the agency’s final project. The event is from 1 to 2 p.m. at the new park, at 3143 Ave. C, next to the library in White City.       
Both current and former Jackson County Commissioners, Joy Reich of the White City Community Improvement Association, and others involved with the Jackson County Urban Renewal Agency over the years will speak at Thursday’s event. Students from the White City Elementary School will also attend the ceremony and get to try out the new park and playground equipment.

For White City, and all of Jackson County, the Urban Renewal Agency has created jobs, reduced crime, improved livability, and enhanced Jackson County’s future.

“The Jackson County Urban Renewal District has repaired and improved roads, started job creation, and raised the county’s tax base value.” says Danny Jordan, Jackson County Administrator.

“This is truly a day for White City to celebrate,” said Nancy Leonard, Upper Rogue Independent Publisher and a longtime supporter of the Urban Renewal Agency. “It’s been 22 years since I first gathered a few key White City residents and County Commissioner Sue Kupillas to begin a plan to improve White City. From that initial meeting came the White City Community Improvement Association. The next step was urban renewal and just look at what that has meant to all of us.”

The Jackson County Urban Renewal District was created by the Jackson County Board of Commissioners in 1991 to address urban blight issues in White City. A Master Plan was developed which identified projects that would drastically improve the area for residents, businesses and the entire community. Through the years, the District has worked hard to meet all of its goals. Projects have developed residential areas, improved roads and infrastructure, added street lights, created sidewalks, and more.

The agency has succeeded through a commitment to the community, flexibility in meeting unique and changing circumstances, willingness to advocate for the area’s needs, and creatively solving problems.

“The White City Urban Renewal Project has exceeded all expectations in large measure. A strong sense of community with complete infrastructure services are now in place as well as a solid basis for establishing a self determining city. Property values and the environmental quality of neighborhoods and the industrial section have been greatly enhanced. Aside from the fact the we were able to retire the project two years earlier than expected the overall benefit to Jackson County is immense,” says C.W. Smith, Jackson County Commissioner.

Major improvements to the White City community have included Community Health Center, Fire District No. 3 Training Center, White City Town Center Wetland Mitigation and White City Community Park, and road improvements, sidewalks, street lights, storm drains and other infrastructure enhancements to Antelope Road, Avenue H, Division Road, Highway 62, Dutton Road, Wilson Way, Avenues G, H, F, and C, 11th, 13th, 14th and 15th streets, Pacific Ave, Atlantic Ave,

“I am so thankful for the benefits these improvements have afforded. Emergency, utility, school and postal vehicles are now able to drive safely on our streets. Our children are able to walk to our schools safely because of sidewalks and walking paths. Storm drainage is much more effective. Without the planning and rezoning efforts of Jackson County Urban Renewal, scores of new homes would not have been built. I am very thankful for the safer, cleaner, more attractive and well-planned community I live in,” says Cheryl Stout, former Jackson County Urban Renewal Agency project manager.

The agency has also helped create jobs by providing grants to keep businesses in White City, as well as attract other companies. Companies receiving grants include Grange Co-op, Panel Crafters, Interstate Distributors, Hailco, LLC, Proweld, Tehama Tire, Brookside Inn (La Quinta Hotel), Triple R Wholesale, Extreme Painting, RAM Offset Lithographers, Panel Crafters, Samuel O. James, Burrill Resources, Davis Finishing, Roger McFadden, Memory’s, Timber Products, Spectrum Industries, Erickson Air Crane, Medford Moulding Company, and Hurd Fabrications.

For more information, please contact Jon McCalip, Jackson County Facility Maintenance Manager, at (541) 774-6974, or mccalija@jacksoncounty.org.


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