Corps proposes fill for Agate vernal pools

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is asking the public to review and comment on a proposed regional general permit authorizing fill material to be placed in vernal pool wetlands or other waters within the Agate Desert region of Jackson County, Ore.

Previous versions of the RGP were issued for public review on May 5, 2008 and March 9, 2009. Changes have primarily been made to the sections of the RGP describing mitigation requirements and procedures for authorizing individual projects, and some revisions have been made to the proposed performance standards. The current proposed RGP can be found at under the heading “New public notices.”

Regional general permits speed up the authorization of recurring activities that are similar in nature, and can include very specific conditions to ensure minimal individual and cumulative adverse impacts on the aquatic environment.

For questions or comments, call Judy Linton at 503-808-4382 or email  Comments can also be submitted by mailing them to: District Engineer, Portland District, U.S. Army Corps of engineers, Attn: Judy Linton, CENWP-OD-G, P.O. Box 2946, Portland, OR 97208-2946.

Comments must be postmarked by Nov. 30, 2011, and should reference Public Notice NWP-2007-1005.


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