Deputy D.A. Dave Hoppe, candidate for D.A.

{gallery}11_22_11/da{/gallery} Dave Hoppe announced his candidacy  for the office of District Attorney of Jackson County on  Nov. 15 at a press conference on the steps of the courthouse.  Hoppe says he has the right experience for the job, and describes himself as the “People’s Candidate.”

While he  is probably best known by the public for his work on several high-profile homicide cases, he has spent the last decade representing in court the victims and survivors of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault. During his tenure as Deputy DA,  Hoppe has handled hundreds of felony cases, has taken dozens of serious matters to trial, and has secured measure 11 prison sentences for felons, getting them off our streets and out of our community – making our community a safer place.

As District Attorney, Hoppe says he  will continue his current practice of trying tough cases as well as solidifying the relationships with our community partners who serve victims and survivors throughout Jackson County. He is committed to personally co-counseling all Jessica’s Law and murder cases that arise during his tenure.

Hoppe will lead the office into the 21st century in regard to the use of technology and modern management techniques. He says he  will implement the smart phone technology and electronic case filing that local police agencies are currently utilizing to increase efficiency and enhance communication in the law enforcement community.  Hoppe imagines that the District Attorney’s Office is not just simply a bureaucracy, but is a criminal litigation firm that serves the interests of its clients, the citizens of Jackson County.

According to  Hoppe, “My main responsibility as District Attorney, first and foremost, will be to hold offenders accountable in serving justice. As District Attorney, the prosecution of those whom inflict horrific crimes upon our fellow citizens will remain my highest priority. I fully understand that I am not the candidate of the local political establishment, nor the endorsed candidate of the retiring District Attorney. As such, I am running as the “People’s Candidate”, not the politicians’.”

Hoppe has worked as a deputy district attorney in Jackson County since August of 2000 handling mainly child abuse and sexual assault cases.   Hoppe was the first recipient of the DPSST Child Abuse Prosecutor of the Year Award for Oregon in 2008.

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