EP Council awards bid to improve Fargo St.

Fargo Street residents, stand by, help is on the way. The Eagle Point City Council has awarded a contract to HGC in the amount of $253,583.50. It was the lowest of the six bids submitted and only about $3,700 over the engineer’s estimate. If the weather permits, work except for paving, should be completed about mid-December. Final work will come once the winter weather is over.

Fire District #3 Chief Dan Petersen presented the district’s quarterly report with the focus on service in Eagle Point.  Of the 5,405 calls made by District 3 from Sept. 2010-to Sept. 2011, 1,090 of those were for the Eagle Point station. Eagle Point calls were up by 78 calls over that period of time.

The district has response time goals for all calls in its 160 sq. mi. territory that includes  urban (of which Eagle Point is included), suburban and rural.

The urban goal is to be on the scene of code 3 incidents in nine minutes 90% of the time. The district reports they actually have exceeded that goal and have been on the scene 97.2% of the time this quarter and for the last year that figure is 96.9 %.

These statistics are among many that the district and selected district-wide representatives will consider in a strategic planning  (SWOT- strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) process next week. There will be representatives of city councils, four members from the industrial area and four members from the rural area, along with the fire district budget committee and board of directors.

Keith Holcomb reported on the LDS service day for the City of Eagle Point. He said there were 115 people involved in the project to remove growth between the Main St. bridge and the Mill and that some 115 fire hydrants had been painted. He noted how excited the children are when they see one of the hydrants they  helped paint, or even when they saw one still in need of attention. Holcomb said it gave the children a sense of pride. He said the group should be able to keep the area they cleared under control if the city keeps in touch. Holcomb said this is a perfect opportunity for groups, including area churches, to work together shoulder to shoulder to improve the community.

Bob Pinnell, on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce, thanked the city for its support of the ad in 101 Things to Do. In turn, Pinnell was thanked for his hard work on the project.

A new job description for an Eagle Point Police Sergeant was approved and winter hours for the Eagle Point Museum were approved. They are now 11 a.m.- 3 p.m. Friday , Saturday and Sunday until Memorial Day.

The next regular city council meeting is Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. at city hall. The public is always welcome.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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