EPHS baseball gets a baseball bat sponsor

On Nov. 7,  Head Baseball Coach Mike Newmann announced to his players and parents that Easton (with the help of local athletic equipment provider Competitive Athletics) has offered EPHS Baseball a sponsorship opportunity and he has accepted their offer.  Easton’s sponsorship will provide EPHS with free equipment perks along with deep discounts.

Easton is one of the biggest baseball and softball equipment companies worldwide and is most known for their baseball and softball bats.

There will be a special Easton Demo Day on Saturday,  Dec. 3 for all softball and baseball enthusiasts.

Newmann said there would be incredible discounts provided by Easton to all the Upper Rogue baseball and softball community in a one day event. Boys, girls, men and women will be able to come in and try all this year’s new bats and equipment. “This will be a really fun and great way for the whole community to reap the benefits of our high school teams sponsorship and just in time for Christmas,” said Newmann.

The special event will be Dec. 3 from 2 p.m.-5 p.m. at The Yard (Eagle Point High School Stadium and batting cages). Hot refreshments will be offered and there will be an indoor escape from the weather in the clubhouse where most of the gear will be on display. For information , call Newmann at 541-973-8558.

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