Items still needed for EP time capsule

Eagle Point’s Centennial year is coming to a close. The last official event for the 100th anniversary is tentatively scheduled on Friday, Dec. 16 . That will be when the time capsule will be lowered into the ground at Centennial Plaza. It will be sealed until 2036, which will be the 125th birthday of Eagle Point.

There is room for many more items. If you have items that could be copied, that can be done and you can retain your original document. This is an opportunity to share history with a future generation.  If you have questions about a potential donation, please call Dena at city hall, 541-826-4212, ext. 106 or Nancy at the Independent, 541-826-7700.

Below is a list of items scheduled to go into the capsule at this point. But please look around and think what you may have that would be of great interest 25 years from now. We would like a cell phone or two, an old camera or so. Current phone, is another thought. What about medical data, gasoline prices, there really are a number of items that will amuse or explain lifestyle in 2011 or in 1911.
1.The Pacific & Eastern Railroad Through Eagle Point To Butte Falls, Oregon 1905-1962 by Barbara Morehouse Hegne (1997)
2.Unforgettable Pioneers by Barbara Hegne (1987)
3.Eagle Point Directory
4.Antelope Covered Bridge by Barbara Morehouse Hegne
5.Historic Eagle Point Calendar 2000 – Marvin Wood House Hyw. 62
6.Rascals, Renegades & Moonshiners of the Upper Rogue by Barbara Hegne
7.A History of Eagle Point School District (1857-1967) by Clarence F. Davies
8.A Journey Back: Eagle Point, Lake Creek, Brownsboro, Climax by Barbara Hegne (Volume I)
9.Upper Rogue Independent Centennial Edition 2011
10.Various maps of Eagle Point
11.A History of Eagle Point and Surrounding Communities Volume I by Gaynell Krambeal
12. Eagle Point Middle School Yearbook 2010-2011
13.Eagle Point High School Yearbook 2011
14.2011 Centennial Celebration Fun Run T-Shirt signed by all participants.
15.2011 Centennial Celebration T-Shirt signed by sponsors of Fireworks Show.
16.Information on the Eagle Point Women’s Club and list of officers for 2011-2012.
17. Destination Magazine
18.Centennial coins and postcard
19. List of current city staff and various committees and their membership   
Eagle Point News on following dates:
1974: Nov. Nov.11, Nov. 18, Nov. 25, Dec. 2, Dec. 9, Dec. 16; 1975- Jan. 6, Jn. 20, Jan. 27, Feb. 3, Feb. 17, Feb. 24, Mr. 3, Mar. 24, May 12, May 19 and July 7.           
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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