SC will seek new water system

To many residents of Shady Cove endless issues surrounding all things water certainly feel like a tyrannical yoke around their collective necks. Shady Cove City Council at took one giant step toward declaring their independence from reliance on iffy wells and trucked in water and decreed they will pursue the creation of a shiny new city wide water system.

Yes, they said a new water system not the purchase and buildup of the existing Shady Cove Water Works system. The Kennedy/Jenks memorandum was the last nail in the proverbial coffin of what has been referred to as “Option 2″ during various discussions of potential water systems. Recall when the water task force recommended pursuing the idea of building out the SCWW system they had upwards of 15 concerns – negative findings on any one of which would be deal breakers.

Per Brian Murphy of Kennedy/Jenks their investigation showed that some individual components of SCWW would be of value to a future system, but the purchase of the whole would not be the recommended path to water bliss. For example, the clear well storage tank would be useful if Premier West Bank would consider selling it separately. It could be combined with another storage tank to store sufficient fire suppression water. On the not of value side; the Pall membrane unit is small and three more would be needed to filter enough water for the city. Additionally, the warranty on the existing unit would be nearly expired by the time a full system was in its initial stages. Conversely two larger units could be purchased for less money than the four  smaller ones and the Pall unit becomes a thing of no value.
Murphy ticked off each component of SCWW in like fashion during the Nov. 3 study session as he reviewed his memorandum for council. Council and citizens were invited to ask questions during the review. The biggest question was why Premier West would not give any additional information to Kennedy/Jenks (beyond what had been supplied to HGE, which wasn’t enough to answer many questions). Murphy read an email reply from Premier West the upshot of which was; it cost them time and money to provide information and they would not give any more unless/until the city made a firm commitment to purchase SCWW. In the end the conclusion of the report was that the city should build a water system from scratch, buying one or two components of SCWW if the bank is amenable.

By the time the motion was made in the evening meeting to accept the Kennedy/Jenks report  (formally declaring the city will now move forward with the first steps of a new system) even councilors such as Bill Kyle who had been all for the SCWW option from the get go were firmly in favor of the from scratch option. Though Mark Illsley of CPM Real Estate Services (representing Premier West in the sale of SCWW) attended a portion of the meeting and witnessed the motion, there was no comment made from anyone on the SCWW side of things.

With the declaration made, next steps include looking into grant monies to help create a more formal plan for a system so they can educate the public and the issue can go to a vote.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Water.


By Christy Pitto
Of the Independent

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