Surviving in today's economy

{gallery}11_08_11/cover{/gallery} Many in the valley, especially in Eagle Point, will remember Maxine and Charlie Marsolini although they have been away from here for eight years. Charlie ministered the Eagle Point Nazarene Church and Maxine was (and is) an author.

Maxine’s writing has focused on solutions and how to manage ones life when a significant change occurs. While still living in Eagle Point, Maxine wrote “Blended Families” and very frank discussions on the effects of putting his and her children together in a second marriage. Her second “blended” book concerned Raising Children in Blended Families, which she published in 2006.

The couple recently combined their knowledge and background to write “Rebuilding Families One Dollar At a Time.”  Quite simply, it is a readable guide to deal with today’s economics.

Charlie’s background includes, but is not limited to,  that of  a certified public accountant, a securities broker, financial planner, speaker and pastor. Maxine is well known for her sensibility as she writes dealing with life’s issues. Together, they have produced a book that is grounded in methods for sound financial outcomes.

The 18 chapters and 243 pages begin with a discussion of today’s economic picture including why stimulus is not free money. They say there are four words that show up big in the new economics: recession, depression, deflation and contraction.

Sound advice can be found throughout the book as they help readers learn to live within their means, to recognize scams, to learn the value of a credit score and  the true cost of spending and other down to earth basic ideas.

The paperback book is available on Amazon for $12.99 while the Kindle version is just $6.99.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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