Butte Falls Loggers 1-3

Butte Falls Loggers are 1-1 with a win over Glendale and a loss to Canyonville.

Against Glendale, the Loggers doubled the score with a 60-30 decisive victory. James Ramirez had 12 points while Emmitt Bateman and Cameron Marley each added 11 points.

Bateman had seven assists and Marley had six steals.

Adding to score was Ricardo Balero with eight points and nine rebounds while Lehman Adams and Evan Givens each had nine points.

The score was a bit different at Canyonville Christian when Christian Academy  had 62 points and Butte Falls just 43.

Givens was high scorer for the Loggers with 10 points. Balero had six rebounds, six steals and five assists. Despite the loss, Balero earned all tourney honors for Butte Falls in the championship game.

The 1-1 record changed last week as The Loggers lost to Crater Freshmen 66-52. Crater has considerably more students to pull from for a team than does Butte Falls. For Butte Falls, Ramirez was once again high point man with 13 points and nine rebounds. Givens and Adams each added 10 points, while Bateman had another eight points.

The Loggers hosted Phoenix JV where the final score was 40-49, giving Butte Falls a 1-3 record. Adams had 10 points while Balero and Givens each added eight points.

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