Contributors were upset by sign on Boys & girls SC Club billboard

The sign that  appeared last week on a billboard in front of the Shady Cove Boys & Girls Club was brought to the attention of the Independent from some who have supported the project. They were not pleased with the sign.

The sign gave the appearance that it was a statement made by the Boys & Girls Club.  Rachelle Schaaf, executive director of the Rogue Valley Clubs, was shocked when the Independent called to question placement of the sign. It was the first she had heard of the sign.

“This was a heartfelt statement that was the opinion of the passionate volunteer who agreed to post the date of our Club closure. This was not an official message that was authorized by the organization.,” said Schaaf. “I spoke with the volunteer who posted the message and he assured me that it was not intended to be inflammatory, but simply a call for the community  to embrace the youth during this time of loss.  However, I think that with all of the other factors, the message got lost in translation and some folks really took it the wrong way.  Regardless, this volunteer’s opinion should not have been posted in a space where it would be seen as an official comment from the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Rogue Valley.”

Schaaf  said it absolutely was not something sanctioned by the club nor was it their position. Schaaf assured the sign would come down and, in fact, it was removed later on  Tuesday, Dec. 6., according to Schaaf.

Schaaf said the teens really are looking for transportation to the White City Friday night teen event. She hopes community members and/or parents will help by providing transportation and understand that neither the students or the club was responsible for the sign. To obtain information about transportation, call Carrie Beebe, director of operations, at 541-479-5258 ext. 110 or Schaaf, 541-479-5258, ext. 109.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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