Dog treats in joint venture with Dogs for Deaf

Are you looking for a small gift for man’s best friend? “You Bake ‘Em!”  is a new doggie treat that also benefits Dogs for the Deaf.

Eagle Point resident Andrea Jansen may be known to many as the “gourd lady” at Saturday Market.  About a year ago she helped a friend by baking a mixture for her friend’s dog. That was the beginning of fulfilling the needs for dogs with allergies and for pet lovers who want to give their best friends something special.

“You Bake Em!” now comes in gluten free, whole wheat and vegan baking mixes.  Four mixes are available- vegan, biscuit, pretzel and biscotti.

As much as possible Jansen supports area businesses, using  flour from Butte Creek Mill and Bob’s Red Mill as an example.

While Jansen hopes her new business will be a financial gain for her, she also wanted to help a non-profit group. And, what better group to team up with than Dogs for the Deaf. That joint venture only began in October but now “You Bake em!”  and Dogs for the Deaf even have a private label.

“You Bake Em!” is available at several pet stores in the valley. Jansen said the average price for one of the packages is $4.95.  The pretzel snack can make three or four dozen.

Complete instructions are available along with more information at

If you can’t locate “You Bake Em!” at your favorite pet shop, orders are available through Woofers and Tweeters, Attn. Andrea Jansen, 7049 Hwy. 140, Eagle Point, OR 97524.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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