Donate a piece of history to the EP time capsule

What do you have that you think might be of interest or considered unique, humorous, unbelievable or simply of interest 25 years from now?

The Eagle Point Economic Commission is gathering items to place in the time capsule. The date has been changed a couple of times but it has been decided to place the capsule on Feb. 11, 2012, which will be 101 years since Eagle Point officially became a city and one year from the beginning of the Centennial celebration.

It will be placed at the edge of Centennial Plaza to be opened in 2037.

Cameras, cell phones, an old computer, information on trends in 2011- such as electric cars, charging station information or an experience with either one. The capsule, which is actually a large rectangular box, can hold a considerable amount of material. It is just over 33 inches x 26 ½ in. x 12 inches. It will be placed in a an enclosed concrete vault. 

If you have ideas or material to donate or something you want to keep but are willing to have it photocopied, please call Dena at Eagle Point City Hall 651-4212 ext. 106 or Nancy at 541-826-2496 or 541-826-7700.

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