Eagle Point Hardware is welcomed

There’s good news in the old town today. The remark made by many, “you can’t even buy a nail in Eagle Point,” is now a comment for the history books. The brand new  Eagle Point Hardware is now open for business. You may find a few things yet to be put in place but as owner Kent Cohee says, “it is as beautiful inside as it is outside” and he is ready to share it with the public.

There will be a grand opening and board cutting (not ribbon cutting) because Kent says, that is what a hardware store does, on Saturday, Dec. 17.  Watch the Independent for more details.  Store hours and more information will be forthcoming, in the meantime be sure to stop in to that large new building on Hannon Road, just off Nick Young, near Walmart and welcome them to Eagle Point.

Shady Cove folks will be glad to know that Shady Cove hardware will still be open.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent

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