BF over Prospect, 2-2 in recent games

Butte Falls and Prospect played a close one with Butte Falls defeating Prospect 49-47 on Jan. 13.

Butte Falls had a strong second quarter, scoring 21 points to 9 for the Prospect Cougars.
But the 4th quarter saw Prospect outscore Butte Falls 17 to 8.     

Richardo Balero for the Butte Falls Loggers and Kyle Roe for the Cougars each scored 14 points. Balero had seven rebounds and six steals.

When Butte Falls hosted Triad, Triad probably thought the Loggers were good hosts as Triad scored 82 points over Butte Falls 48.

Evan Givens and James Ramirez each had 12 points for the Loggers. Givens had as many rebounds as he did points.

The first and third quarter saw Triad run over Butte Falls 28-6 and 28-12. The Loggers scored 16 points in the fourth quarter, as did Triad.

Two games early this month saw Butte Falls defeat Gilchrist 58-38. James Ramirez put on quite a show with a career high 26 points.

In another game earlier this month, Paisley defeated Butte Falls 39-34. Ramirez was high scorer in that game also with 11 points.

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