Hailicka introduces “Top Secret” to Education Investment Board

Butte Falls resident Joyce Hailicka was among those at last week’s Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB) meeting. She has been developing a package for use by high school students to not only assist them in getting their high school diploma, but in learning the numerous ins and outs of getting a college education or a career plan.

Called “Top Secret College Funding Advantage” it is a program that can assist students in finding a path for future success. 

Hailicka said with only one in four high school graduates considered “college ready” Oregon can take this plan and utilize it today as part of the OEIB plan. The computerized program is currently being used as a pilot program by several Butte Falls students. It is a program that can be used individually by a student at home or within a classroom.

Students first need to realize they have a story or a theme and that they are individuals who need some direction in their education. This direction can set them on a path to reach not only their high school degree but education thereafter, something that becomes more critical with each passing year.

Top Secret helps students identify their interests and subsequently their goals. All this will lead to paths for the future. Top Secret provides easily understood instruction so a student can match goals with college opportunities, scholarships, funds, and all the myriad of details. But first, it helps them through those formative high school years.

Hailicka’s goal is see this program utilized in every high school in the United States, but first she hopes Oregon will see its value and be the first state to provide a standardized program for college readiness.

When looking at the OEIB plan, Hailicka sees Top Secret as a very good  match for the governor’s goals.
• The program offers an affordable outcome based, standardized system to assure high school students can be college ready.
• Students can work independently to develop leadership and organizational skills for not only high school success but success thereafter.
• Top Secret introduces a motivational program designed to improve high school retention and greatly enhances chances for the student to further his or her education.
•Provides students with strategies to help navigate the complexity of college planning and admission.
• Provides Oregon with an opportunity to demonstrate a new college readiness model that can be showcased nationally.

Hailicka has earned a number of awards on the national, state and county level for her work in education and  economic  development as well as assisting students with scholarships and through her many functions in Butte Falls and throughout the county.

For more information, call Hailicka  541-865-3205.
By Nancy Leonard
Of the Independent


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